In the world of orthodontics, advancements in technology are transforming the landscape of traditional braces and aligners. Custom digital orthodontics is the state-of-the-art approach that combines the precision of digital technology with personalized treatment plans and custom-milled appliances (brackets and aligners), and it’s revolutionizing the way people achieve straighter smiles.

Unlike traditional one-size-fits-all methods, custom digital orthodontics utilizes digital scans and 3D imaging to create a highly accurate representation of a patient’s teeth. This detailed digital model allows Dr. Richter to tailor treatment plans specifically to the unique needs of each individual. The result is a more efficient and effective orthodontic experience, with reduced treatment times and enhanced outcomes. Patients can witness the evolution of their smiles in virtual simulations before treatment even begins, providing a glimpse into the future of their dental transformation.

One of the key advantages of custom digital orthodontics lies in its use of innovative materials and manufacturing techniques. Richter Orthodontics uses KLOwen custom braces which are precisely crafted to match each individual patient’s teeth. This not only improves comfort but also ensures a snug fit, promoting optimal tooth movement. The level of customization afforded by our custom digital orthodontics allows for more efficient tooth movement, making the entire orthodontic process more streamlined and convenient for patients. As this field continues to evolve, the marriage of digital precision and personalized treatment plans is reshaping the smiles of the future.

Of course, we are also leading providers of the Invisalign® System. Invisalign has been available now for over 20 years, but with help and input from doctors like Dr. Richter, the manufacturer of Invisalign continues to evolve this incredible orthodontic appliance. Like our KLOwen braces, Invisalign is custom digital orthodontics.

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