If you’re like most people, you may consider orthodontic treatment a cosmetic luxury. But the fact is, orthodontic care is a fundamental building block for immediate and long-term good health. Because it also leads to a beautiful smile as the Bob Ross quote goes “is a happy accident.”

According to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), “The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy, functional ‘bite’ which is part tooth alignment and part jaw position.”

“When jaws and teeth align correctly, patients have the best opportunity for great oral and overall physical health,” said Dr. Dave Richter, who has been treating patients throughout Northern Colorado and Wyoming for over 25 years at his destination practice. “Simply put, straight teeth are less prone to decay, gum disease and injury.”

Richter’s Colorado native colleague, Dr. Emily Malihi, notes that orthodontic treatment is one of the best healthcare gifts a parent can give their children — or health-conscious adults can give to themselves.

“Orthodontic Treatment is known to elevate self-esteem as it brings teeth, lips, and lower face into harmony. The effects of a beautiful smile on self-confidence should not be overlooked,” said Malihi.

Orthodontic treatment is sometimes skipped in lieu of other costs parents and individuals face, especially during economically challenging times. But failure to tend to oral health leads to more costly health challenges.

“People short themselves and their children by not maintaining good oral health, including orthodontic treatment. Medical and emotional challenges associated with poor alignment, decay, gum disease and low self-esteem can be devastating and more costly in the long term than actual treatment costs,” said Richter.

The good news? Orthodontic care from practitioners skilled with leading edge technique using state-of-the-art technology creates efficiencies that make it easier for families and adult patients to seek treatment.

Richter, along with a handful of orthodontists nationwide, has been an avid participant on two significant scientific advisory boards pioneering break-through orthodontic technologies for improved treatment options, including behind-the-teeth esthetic braces and custom prescription braces. The benefits of custom prescription braces include shorter treatment time with less appointments than traditional braces … less time away from school and/or work and more time to simply doing the things you enjoy most (although visits to Richter Orthodontics are quite pleasant)!

“The beneficiaries of our new treatment options and technologies are first and foremost our patients,” said the veteran orthodontist Richter. “It’s a special time to be in orthodontics because we can give more people the smile they deserve in shorter time, with less inconvenience. And we know they are going to be emotionally and physically healthier because of their new smiles.”

7 – The age the AAO recommends for a child’s first orthodontic check-up with a board-certified orthodontist. “If a problem exists, or developing, your orthodontist is able to advise you on whether treatment is recommended, and when it should begin …”.

Yes – you can schedule a free consultation with Richter Orthodontics without a dental referral.