What is Prognathism?

Prognathism is what is commonly referred to as an underbite.  This form of malocclusion is characterized by a lower jaw that protrudes beyond the upper jaw bone. While underbites create a visual aesthetic concern, they may also impact a patients ability to eat or speak properly. Patients should address an underbite as early in life as possible to prevent speech delays and other secondary conditions such as TMJ.

Treating underbites with orthodontics can offer patients successful results helping to bring balance to their upper and lower jaw. Richter Orthodontics helps treat children and adult patients with advanced orthodontic concerns. Early intervention and phased treatment of an underbite may allow for optimal results, but the dental concern can be addressed at any stage of oral development.

Treating Underbites Greeley, CO

Dr. Richter begins all orthodontic treatment plans by conducting a thorough oral health exam and bite analysis. Treatment will vary depending on the severity and degree of the underbite as well as other present orthodontic concerns. For most patients, Dr. Richter will recommend the use of a reverse forsus. Reverse forsus works to gradually push the top teeth forward and bring the bite into proper alignment. The use of braces or additional appliances may be recommended in conjunction with reverse forsus for a lasting result that supports long-term dental health.

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If you or your child has an overbite, schedule a consultation with Dr. Richter to learn more about how orthodontic treatment for overbite can restore a comfortable, healthy and beautiful smile. Early treatment is recommended for the best possible results and to provide the opportunity for conservative options to be successful. Contact our Greeley orthodontic office or use our convenient online request form.