Greeley, CO orthodontist Dr. David Richter offers treatment for an underbite to realign the jaw and provide a comfortable, functional and healthy smile.

An underbite, when the lower jaw and teeth protrude forward and past the upper teeth, can make eating and speaking difficult and affect the self confidence of the patient in more extreme cases. Although we can treat patients of any age who have an underbite, early orthodontic screening and subsequent treatment will provide the most successful result and reduce the risk of additional dental problems.


Dr. Richter will thoroughly examine your jaw, teeth and gums as part of a comprehensive evaluation and consultation to determine treatment options. Your treatment will depend on the severity of the underbite and the need to address any other dental concerns such as crooked teeth.

In most cases, Dr. Richter will recommend the use of a reverse forsus, which will gradually push the top teeth forward and bring the bite into proper alignment. Depending on your unique dental health needs and cosmetic goals, the use of braces or additional appliances may be recommended for a lasting result that supports lasting dental health.