Retainers are a necessary part of most orthodontic treatments and are important for maintaining your result after your braces have been removed or your aligners are completed. As with your braces and oral appliances, keeping them clean is important to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Be sure to brush your retainer every day as a part of your regular brushing and flossing schedule. Food particles and plaque can accumulate on your appliance just as they do on your teeth - so soaking your retainer daily is also a good idea. Dissolve a Polident, Efferdent or other denture-cleaning tablet in a glass of tap water at room temperature and soak your retainer once a day. Your retainer will taste better, and you will prevent plaque and bacterial accumulation.

Post Treatment Retainer Care

Congratulations! Your time in braces is over, but don't let all of that time (and money) go to waste by not wearing your retainers! There are two types of removable retainers, Hawleys and Overlays that we provide to help maintain your new smile. Here are a couple of important things to remember during your retention stage:

  • Since your retainers are fragile and costly to replace, we will give you a special case for your retainers. Please make sure that you keep them in the case when you are not wearing them.
  • Remember to brush your teeth and retainers before placing them back in your mouth. To clean, gently brush them with toothpaste or use a denture cleaner with warm water. Don't forget to wear your retainers every night.

Generally, the retention phase lasts for a minimum of 24 months but your final orthodontic result will depend on how well and how often you wear your retainers.