Dr. David Richter offers comprehensive orthodontic services using advanced treatment options, techniques and dental technology for beautiful smiles that are also comfortable and healthy. Your orthodontic treatment is tailored to your unique oral health needs and cosmetic concerns, recommended for you with the goal of supporting lasting dental health.

We offer some of the most advanced treatment options including:

  • Damon® braces
  • Insignia®
  • Invisalign®, Invisalign Teen and Invisalign Express
  • Ceramic braces
  • Orthodontic appliances

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Your orthodontic treatment provides a wide range of health and personal benefits that you will enjoy for years to come, especially when making the commitment to routine retainer use and good oral hygiene habits.

A comfortable, straight smile can prevent the development of dental problems and bite disorders that can affect your health and your overall lifestyle. For patients with misaligned teeth and malocclusion, their smile can affect their sense of confidence as well as be the underlying cause of TMJ symptoms and tooth damage over time. Dr. Richter has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of bite disorders and helps patients achieve a functional bite through orthodontic treatment, as well as an enhanced natural smile.

Dr. Richter provides early orthodontic screening, a recommended visit to determine if your child has a developing dental problem that can be corrected early to avoid larger problems in the future. The best time to schedule an early screening is around the age of 7, as the permanent molars are emerging and beginning to impact the bite.

Feeling good about your smile is important for many reasons and can be the key to enjoying the best quality of life possible!

Free Initial Orthodontic Consultation

Free Initial Orthodontic Consultation

Whether you are a referred patient or have chosen Richter Orthodontics to address personal dental concerns, we offer a free initial consultation in our Greeley dental office. This first visit provides the opportunity for Dr. Richter to evaluate your dental health, discuss your personal concerns and make personalized recommendations to restore a healthy, functional and beautiful smile.

Just as important, this visit also enables you to tour our office and experience first hand the welcoming, friendly environment that we are proud to show off to new patients. We know that getting braces is not always something you may look forward to, but we make every effort to ensure that during your treatment at Richter Orthodontics you are comfortable, relaxed and receiving the best care we can offer. Enjoy some down time in our game room and daydream during your treatment while taking in the local mountain views.

We hope you look forward to your routine visits with us and come back to visit long after your new smile has been revealed.