Invisible Braces

The term "invisible braces" can cover a lot of ground these days as treatment options have greatly expanded and patients can have either bracket or aligner treatments that use clear materials. Greeley, CO orthodontist Dr. David Richter offers a range of invisible braces, including traditional style brackets that use ceramic materials for aesthetic appeal while providing effective correction for a range of dental concerns.

Clear, or invisible, braces are a common request among teen and adult patients who desire to address cosmetic or dental health concerns without the embarrassment of traditional metal braces. Dr. Richter has the options necessary to achieve your cosmetic goals and improve dental health with clear braces.

What To Consider

Dr. Richter will make the appropriate treatment option for your unique concerns and cosmetic goals, offering invisible braces whenever possible or requested. When choosing ceramic or clear braces, it is important to keep in mind several important factors:

  • Ceramic braces may be more costly than traditional metal braces, but can offer highly effective treatment that is sometimes shorter in duration.
  • Ceramic, or clear, braces may be prone to staining in patients who use tobacco products or consume dark beverages such as coffee, tea and sodas regularly.
  • Ceramic braces are more fragile, and thus prone to damage during treatment without proper care.
  • Clear braces are much less noticeable and often more comfortable than metal braces.

As with all other types of orthodontic treatment, maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and regularly scheduled visits is the foundation of effective, successful and comfortable treatment.

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