How to Place Spacers

Next up in Richter Orthodontic’s “How To” Series is How To Place Spacers. If you have braces, you should be familiars with separators (spacers). Spacers are placed between the teeth to allow for bands to fit comfortably between teeth. Without spacers, placing bands may be more difficult, uncomfortable, and even in some cases painful.

Before receiving braces, Dr. David Richter may insert spacers between the teeth. Spacers resemble small rubber bands. Dr. Richter places the spacers between the teeth using a floss instrument. This motion shouldn’t be painful. However, patients may feel minimal discomfort when placing their spacer. The act of placing a spacer is better described as a small amount of pressure or pushing feeling. Once the spacer is placed, patients may feel like something is stuck between the teeth. Over the next few days, as the teeth adjust, patients may feel a dull ache near the spacers. The dull ache will subside a few days after placing your spacers.

To alleviate some of the discomforts you may feel, patients should avoid hard foods, avoid using excessive force when biting, and incorporate soft foods into their diet. Typically, a spacer appointment is scheduled a week or two before your initial braces installation procedure. At times spacers may fall out on their own; other times, Dr. Richter will have to remove the leftover spacers during your next appointment.

Watch: How to place a spacer


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